For some, the photos will evoke spatial nostalgia; subtle details foster a sense of attachment and belonging. While others will respond to them as placeless photos, grasping for some special connection to a past place.

“There is no there there.” - Gertrude Stein

Only the common human desire for acceptance and the need to create a sense of place.

Wall/Cloud/Smoke Triptych - Ponderously - Gate/Fench Diptych -
Framed C-Prints & Slideshow - 13”x8” - Editions of 1
Austere, Los Angeles, CA - 2015.02.07

The Newer New

How does one imagine when the solution is provided? A soft cast on a compound fracture. Buy a unassembled bookshelf and throw away the instructions. 

You’re Here
Fumigation Tent
Water Fountain
Push and Slam
Liquor Deli

Masked Chromogenic Prints - Various Sizes - Editions of 1
Austere, Los Angeles, CA - 2012.06

Always Everything Already

A brief realization that all images are always everything already existing in some form or another.

Chromogenic Prints with Inkjet Overlay - 10”x10”2011

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