Printed by Bookmobile, Minnesota, USA - Pages: 48 - Edition of 300 - 2018

Answers Have Questions

Shot over the course of three years on his frequent visits to Japan, Answers Have Questions explores the myriad of ways in which picture making can take you.  A study of the photobook and how the juxtopostion and sequencing of images based on composition, color, light can lead one in no logical direction. Wyatt Conlon’s meditative and reflective attempt at photographing & editing as a process of recollection through mourning.

Allowing the book’s form to determine the install, Wyatt presented a sequence of diptychs in Los Angeles and Tokyo as guide for his wandering progression of images.WK++, Tokyo, Japan - 2018.11.02
Weekend Gallery, Los Angeles, CA - 2018.09.07

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