Edition of 1000 - 940p - Printed by Die Keure Belgium - ISBN: 978-0-578-98369-1 - Buy Here

Double Double, Protein Style, Animal Style with a Strawberry Shake and Chips

Conlon's book weaves multiple timelines, from the minutes of his grandfather’s waking hours to a photographic archive of his entire life, allowing the viewer to observe and control the subject's passing time. Through systematic collaging, Conlon creates instantaneous moments of then and now and compositions of coincidences that capture life's intimacies. Ultimately, questioning the truth of one's memory and act of recollection. 

An on-going series of site-specific exhibitions, all dependent on the places his grandfather interacted with throughout his life, features 1-1 collaged spreads from the book.

Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii - 2023.05.27
Bungee Space, New York, New York - 2023.05.04
Homesick Studios, Torrance, California - 2023.04.01
Goodfight (Launch), Los Angeles, California - 2023.03.11
Soot Gallery (Preview), Tokyo, Japan - 2022.11.14

p. 392-393
Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii
Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii
Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii
Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii
Aupuni Space, Honolulu, Hawaii
Soot Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Soot Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Homesick Studios, Torrance, California
Goodfight, Los Angeles, California

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